Fenton Marble Glass Butterdish in ‘Regency’ Pattern

Fenton marble glass butterdish with ‘f’ in oval stamp on base - Done in the ‘Regency’ pattern. Commonly referred to as ‘slag glass’, marble glass is opaque in color and is made from a mixture of ‘leftover’ colored glass and a  white milk glass giving it its marbled/swirled appearance. This is a gorgeous example of fine craftsmanship of glass makers in the 20th century. This piece is a bold mix of red, orange and milk glass


Beautiful vintage preowned condition. This piece has been well taken care of. It was likely just on display in a cabinet. There are no chips or cracks. 


From base to top (with lid on): 5.5” Tall 

Diameter of base: 7.5” 

(measurements are approx) 


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